Welcome to Bitbox! Bitbox is a sandbox game created from the ground up using SFML.NET. It contains an active falling sand system and many customizable parameters. It is currently in active development and is not finished.

Feel free to email if you find any bugs or have any crashes with Bitbox.

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[7/10/22 [Bitbox] v0.7.0]
Patch update that fixes most problems introduced from the addition of shaders and boundaries as well as the addition of bitmap generation. Keep in mind every update in v0.7.0 will be centered around completely overhauling the code within the engine to make it shorter faster and more optimized.
-Bitmap creation engine.
-Collected texture setting that can be used to massively increase the performance of art-based simulations not using real-time physics updates.
-bw, rgb, rbg+a color settings.
-Render input with R.
-How the generation system works.
-A bunch of shitty code.
-Boundary generating system as a whole.

[6/2/22 [Bitbox] v0.6.4]
Small little content update with a new cool new things.
-Bad shaders that can be used in shaded_lab.
-New boundary element that spawns within every simulation.
-Generation type super_world.
-Bit outline textures.
-Small settings with lab.

[5/29/22 [Bitbox] v0.6.3]
The game is still alive! Minor update with some small changes and 2 new elements. The next major update will have a custom UI and the ability to save worlds. These 2 features are going to be slowly implemented after the engine overhaul update coming next.
-New palettes world and utility.
-New elements deleter and cloner.
-Separate frame variables for UI and actual actions.
-Virus physics.
-Snow and ice element (they are pointless until I add temperature :/).

[3/30/22 [Bitbox] v0.6.2]
A minor content and patch update with a couple new things.
-Palette system with basic and experimental.
-Elements ice and snow.
-Some textures of elements.
-Default world size and world generation.
-A series of physics bugs.
-UI placement bug.

[3/27/22 [Bitbox] v0.6.1]
I forgot most stuff I did but here is what I remembered.
-2 new movement types, rigid and stable.
-New liquid physics.
-Liquid physics bug.
-Frame movement control to be less jumpy.

[3/26/22 [Bitbox] v0.6.0]
This is a major update that adds a handful of useful stuff to the game. Including density!
-New element called shrub.
-Semi functional density.
-Ability to add custom textures to bits.
-You can change tick speed for bits ingame with Y-U-I-O-P.
-New plant growing system.
-Entity system.
-Simple tutorial at the start.
-The ability to see visually what part of the grid the mouse is rounded to.
-Naming for many parts of the engine
-Some minor logic within the code to make it more usable and less bad.

[3/23/22 [Bitbox] v0.5.3]
After an unjust amount of time procrastinating, here is finally a… minor update. It really adds some very good quality of life features even though this game is still in alpha. I planned to overhaul the engine but I failed a few times hence the long wait and I returned to 0.5.2 after breaking the engine several times. The engine has many plans to become more than a falling sand game and more of multiple games in a game. Along with this I plan to make this horribly designed website into a mediocrely designed website so look forward to that (does anybody even read these or is actively aware this game even exists).
-New world type called lab.
-A superior, nicer looking generation system.

[1/30/22 [Bitbox] v0.5.2]
Another minor update that improves the engine. I plan to have a large update soon but I want to fix the engine and improve it before I expand it.
-Culling system that is much faster in many aspects.
-Faster generation system.
-Frame improvement that also helps the view movement.
Changed -Acid physics. Fixed
-Fixed exit event.

[1/27/22 [Bitbox] v0.5.1]
Just a handful of performance tweaks. More is to come!
-A bunch of performance and quality-related content.
-A bug with the frustum culling that made the upper y-axis still update.

[1/24/22 [Bitbox] v0.5.0]
This update really just is a very nice performance update combined with some useful content. It really isn’t major but it tomorrow a major feature will likely be created to go with it. Be ready!
-New generation system.
-Clouds that spawn in the sky. -The ability to clear all bits with C.
-VERY COOL frustum culling system that makes much larger worlds possible :D
-Missing area when using replace function (things that grow like virus previously had a yet-to-be-drawn object in the area).
-The ability to pause.
-Color for acid and virus.
-Acid not working for objects above it.
-Buggy sound system (by removing it entirely).

[1/21/22 [Bitbox] v0.4.1]
-Problem with assigning incorrect bit size details (happened with custom detail).
-Sound bug that crashes program upon launch.
-Windows defender false positive (hopefully).

[1/20/22 [Bitbox] v0.4.0]
This finally fixed the majority of the problems of the engine whilst adding a plethora of new content to be played with.
-The elements Virus, Vapor, and Acid.
-Grow physics for plant.
-Gas physics.
-An entirely new system for bit physics that is 100 times easier to work with and much more stable.
-Looping music.
-Sound class.
-Input class.
-A completely revamped class managing system.
-You can now close the window.
-Silly granular physics bug.
-World generation oddities.
-Setup bugs.

[1/18/22 [Bitbox] v0.3.1]
This update changes a lot of code and a few instablities resulting in a crash. It would be a better idea to stay with v0.3.0 since this update might potentially be more unstable since this update was intended to just make the code more fluent. All future updates will not be major, as the engine needs some major revisions already and I do not have a lot of time. However minor content will be added still.
-Bit element and movement are now defined by an enum instead of a string.
-World size config (broken partially).
-Window must be focused to take input.
-World seed config.
-Camera speed is now the same across all framerates (for the most part).
-A few new UI elements.
-Density crashing game.
-A bunch of the code to be more efficient.

[1/17/22 [Bitbox] v0.3.0]
This update adds some extremely major changes that are detrimental for the engine. The game now has many UI elements.
-Completely revamped generation system.
-New UI system.
-World size is now bounded to engine.
-New element bedrock.
-UI element that displays positional and bit data relative to the mouse.
-Really bad density physics.
-Resolution option in configuration.
-Framerate UI element.
-Object count UI element.
-Selected object UI element.
-Improved window offset system.
-New simulation size setup.
-Much improved readme file.
-Assets folder which is the new place for the source code as well as the font for the new UI.
-Ive been programming for 7 hours straight. How am I gonna remember everything? ;p
-Multiple bugs from the property tab.

[1/16/22 [Bitbox] v0.2.1]
-World generation config.
-Physics config.
-Detail config.
-Empty world generation type.
-Better icon.
-HOPEFULLY fixed windows defender false positive.

[1/16/22 [Bitbox] v0.2.0]
This is a large update that adds a whole plethora of new content and improvements to the engine.
-Water, sand, soil, grass, and stone elements.
-The ability to delete elements with right-click.
-Camera movement with WASD.
-Liquid and rigid movement along with an improved granular movement.
-World generation system with seed.
-Tick system for bits.
-Property system for bits.
-Granular logic.
-The way things are spawned.

[1/15/22 [Bitbox] v0.1.1]
-Soil texture.
-Sky texture.
-Falling sand physics.
-Index manager that improved the performance by over 5 times.
-Bunch of other stuff but I am too tired to remember :)
-Mouse manager.
-Bits are now spawned with mouse.
-Bound for the floor is now fixed.

[1/15/22 [Bitbox] v0.1.0]
This update essentially is a prototype of the new engine. It contains very little content in terms of usage but is very stable and open to new additions. It is a shell of what I hope for it to become.
-Ability to spawn a randomly generated bit with A
-Simple falling and collision physics.
-Simple readme file to assist launching and usage.
-Source code.
-Base engine script setup.
-Base game script and game setup
-Base bit script and properties.
-Base action script with bit functionality.